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A little tailoring?

In order to be able to provide the NextGen SimplySites solution with no initial set up cost and from as little as £20 pcm (+VAT), the system is built on a common platform using a range of dynamic templates and standard copy.

However, we appreciate that all businesses are different and some firms desire a more bespoke offering, which is what we are pleased to now offer you – MYNextGen Tailored and MYNextGen Bespoke.

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Tailored Design (MYNextGen Tailored)

If you are happy with the overall design and structure of NextGen, but would like us to tweak some of the design elements for you, we can.  There will be a one-off fee for this and we will tell you how much it will be once we know the extent of the changes you require.

Please note that if you elect to change the design of your site, it will not benefit from all the updates we provide. This is because your site will sit outside of the general system. However, we will alert you to changes and allow you to make those you wish.

Bespoke Design (MYNextGen Bespoke)

Alternatively, we can design and build you a completely bespoke site, based specifically on your requirements. The cost will depend on what you want, but when done via NextGen, you will pay less than the normal market rates.

If you'd like to know more, please contact us by calling 01279 882519 or emailing simplymarketing@tomd.co.uk


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