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Q: How does the SimplySites offering work?
A:  It's very simple, we provide you with a website that is fully built and pre-populated with compliant text and images, and ready to use (displaying your logo and contact details), for a low fixed monthly cost. You can use your own URL (domain name) or use our free 'trustedadviser' domain (e.g. www.yourfirmname.trustedadviser.info). Plus, with some packages, we'll add regular compliant topical articles to your site. Once we've launched, we should be able to provide you with your site in just a few days.

Because SimplySites gives you so many choices, you can really make the site your own.
Choose from:

  • Three different website packages, each providing different levels of functionality to meet your own needs
  • Three different modern website designs
  • Up to 12 image collections

And, you can:

  • Choose to use your own images
  • With some of the website packages, add your own website pages and content 
  • Switch seamlessly between the website designs and image collections

It's as Simple as that.

Q: What program are the new websites built in?
A: The NextGen Simply Sites are being built in an optimised WordPress environment running on a cloud based server infrastructure. We run a WordPress multi-site setup allowing us to scale our WordPress installations quickly. WordPress is the most popular content management system on the Internet, powering over 25% of all internet websites, giving us backing and support of thousands of open-source developers, world-wide, as well of course as our team of experts here.

Q How do I register for a NextGen site
A: Go to the link from this sites home page (register) and complete our simple online form. From here, we will ask you to supply some basic information in order for us to build your site for you.

Q: Will my site be compliant?
A: We will add a number of pre-set and pre-complied pages to your site and depending on your package, we will continue to add compliant copy. If you make any changes to copy, you will be responsible for the compliance of those pages.

Q: What happens if I leave the SimplyBiz Group?
A:  NextGen sites is unique to the SimplyBiz Group and is offered to members and clients at a heavily discounted rate. As such, it is only open to members and clients and therefore, if you do leave the group, your site will be turned off.

URLs and CMS

Q: Can I choose the URL (domain) of my website?
A: Yes, you can either buy your own domain (we recommend www.123-reg.co.uk or any other similar site), transfer in an existing domain or you can use our 'Trustedadviser' domain, which would be www.COMPANYNAME.trustedadviser.info, free of charge.

Q: Where will my emails be hosted?
A: Email hosting isn't included as part of the NextGen website hosting. If you buy your domain name from a business such as www.123-reg.co.uk, for example, they will often include the option for email.

Your IT support person or firm are best placed to help you with this. They should be able to advise on the best way to set up and manage your emails.

It's important to ensure that when you repoint the DNS for your website that you don't amend the settings for your email. Again, your local IT support team will be able to advise about this.  

Content Management System (CMS)
Q: What is a Content Management System and what is CMS+?
A:  As the name suggests, a Content Management System (or CMS) allows you to manage, change and edit certain elements of your website, for example, text and images.

The extent to which you can change your SimplySites website will depend on which package you have chosen. CMS+ (which is available on Sites Pro and Sites 24/7), enables you to add additional pages such as adviser profiles.
As the sites are built in WordPress, you'll find the CMS easy to use – and we'll provide user guides to help.

Q: The NextGen SimplySites have a lot of functionality, what happens if I decide I don't want all the features on my site?

A: That's no problem. In the CMS you'll be able to 'turn off' any features that are included within the package you've chosen, but that you don't want on your site. And, of course, if you change your mind, you can just as easily turn on those features. 
Designs, images and content

Q: How many choices of design are there?
A: There are three different design 'themes'. We've called them Alpha, Impact and Velocity! The designs are all modern and will give your SimplySite a very professional feel. In addition to choosing the design theme, you will be able to select from at least ten different image 'collections'. Also, you can choose to change other features about your site, such as the colours. These features, along with the addition of your own logo, will make the site very personal to your firm. 

Of course, if you want additional design changes or you want a site built to meet your own specific requirements, we can do that for you. Contact us on 01484 439165 or simplysites@simplybiz.co.uk.

Q: Can I choose which images are used on my site?
A: Yes. We're providing a wide range of image 'collections' for you to choose from. These collections all have different themes.

Q: Can I change my choice of images that appear on the site?
A: Yes. You can use the CMS (Content Management System) admin area of your site to change which image collection appears on your site.

Q: Can I use my own images?
A: Yes, you can use your own images, providing they fit within the image areas on your site. However, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct licences and rights to use those images.

Alternatively, the sites do come with a range of image collections to choose from, specifically chosen to fit in the image spaces on the site.

Q: Can I choose which fonts are used on my site?
A: Yes. We're providing a wide range of fonts for you to choose from. Click here for details.

Q: The sites features list refers to 25 pages of pre-set content, what does this include?
A: The pre-set content is content that is pre-written and pre-approved. This content cannot be edited. It includes word on topics specific to the areas and services that your firm specialise in, for example pensions, saving and investments, mortgages, protection and independent advice.

Q: I have an existing site that I wish to move across, will ALL my content be moved over to the new site?
A: Yes, we will move all of your existing content across to your new site (both pre-written pages of content and bespoke content). The images used may need to be different due to the new and improved design of the sites.

Timescales, costs and contracts

Q: When will the NextGen SimplySites be available
A: We're aiming to have the first sites live in the early part of December 2016.

Q: How quickly will my site be set up following the completion of the briefing form?
A: Once we've launched the NextGen SimplySites packages, we are aiming to have the first draft of a site ready to review, 2-3 working days after we've received the fully completed briefing form along with logos etc. We will then ask for feedback from you and work on amendments as required.

Of course, immediately after launch, we're anticipating that it may take a little longer as we're expecting demand to be high!
Q: What is the cost of having a SimplySite?
A: There are three different packages available

  • Sites Pro             £20 pm
  • Sites Pro+           £40pm
  • Sites 24/7           £60pm

(All costs plus vat.)



Q: What is the minimum contract term for a SimplySites website?

A: The initial contract for a NextGen site is three months, with a rolling one-month contract thereafter

Q: Can I change between the different website packages whenever I want?  
A: Once your site is built, you can switch between the packages as required.

Q: How is the money for my SimplySite collected?
A: We will collect NextGen site fees monthly via Direct Debit along with your usual fees to SimplyBiz

Q: I have an existing SimplySite, do I have to move across to a NextGen SimplySite?
A: The current system for SimplySites will soon become obsolete. We are working to migrate all sites across to the new system and will work with you over the coming months to make this transition as smooth as possible. There will be no cost to move to the new system, with a number of packages to choose from once you have migrated across.

Q: I have an existing SimplySite – will it cost me to move to the new version?
A: We will always work to keep your costs down. We have invested heavily in the new platform and will not pass on this cost, with NextGen sites not carrying any build cost nor will there be any migration costs if you move from the current system.

However, the new solution is on next generation technology and does carry hosting costs. We have tried to keep the entry level as low as possible and at £20, will offer much more than the current version. The additional tiers offer advisers the chance to build in much more functionality and includes a number of bespoke third party plug ins, which each require configuration on an individual level.

We have researched the market and you will not find anything cheaper than Nextgen sites or indeed anything offering you the same breadth of functionality.

Q: Will the cost of my site increase if you add more functionality?
A: We will continue to develop NextGen sites and plan to add a number of additional features to those already described. We will not increase the price of the packages when we do this. In some instances, there may be additional costs charged by the third party (e.g. to take the IO portal, you must be an IO subscriber).

Q: Is the price shown all I will pay, or are there any other costs.
A: We will not charge you to build your site and the package price is set. However, in some instances, the third party may require you to be a subscriber (this will be shown on the features page).


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