We've created 12 different image collections. Samples from some of these collections can be seen below.

Money CollectionMoney Collection
Technology CollectionTechnology Collection
Colourful CollectionColourful Collection
Abstract CollectionAbstract Collection


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All you need to do is choose which collection you want and we'll upload the images for you to your NextGen site. Of course, as with everything to do with your NextGen site, the image collections are flexible. So, once your site is live you can easily change from one collection to another. Or, of course, you can choose to add images of your own instead.

Please note that whilst NextGen Simplysites allows you to add your own images, you must have approval form the owner of the image to add it to your site. If you add any images of your own, then unfortunately, The SimplyBiz group and our web partners cannot be held responsible for its use or licensing rights. If you are unsure, we would suggest removing it!


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